Discusión entre pares / Tendon transfer in foot deformity

 Power of transferred tendon should be Grade 5 but never less than 4 because after transfer power may decrease upto 1 grade and it should in same direction of pull of weak muscles. We can utilize complete or half of tendon in transfer. Half tendon transfer are being utilized commonly in cerebral palsy & ctev affected foot. In ctev & cerebral palsy we utilized half tendon of tibialis Anterior to lateral side of foot to balance over action of forefoot inversion and half tendon of tibialis posterior in hind foot inversion of cerebral palsy foot . In foot drop, we transferred tibialis anterior to mid portion of foot and in calcaneous foot we transfer peronie & inverter muscle posterior toward insertion of tendoachilis. After tendon transfer, foot will be protected with plaster for 1 month and then with brace. Vigorous therapy can be started after 6 week and child will to walk after 2 month with brace. Person has to wear brace minimum 3-4 months.

Publicado el 27/8/2014
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Some time foot deformity is because of muscle imbalnce, in which one or more tendon on one side of joint is weak and tendon on other side is strong so to balance muscle power and normal functioning of foot we have to transfer one of the tendon from remaining one. Most common causes of foot deformity in which we require tendon transfer are cerebral palsy, polio, meningo-myelocoel, CTEV & post traumatic nerve injury. results are good if we get spared tendon with good power in the axis of muscle weakness.